The ZT Research Observatory has an array of low-light cameras, astronomy and weather data instruments. Four cameras monitor the sky environment both day and night and an ultra sensitive allsky camera operates during the night. A Boltek EFM-100 Electric Field Meter records the ambient electric field and an Global Meteor Network camera surveys the southeast sky in conjunction with a sister camera located in Chamberlain, South Dakota. For astronomical observations the observatory has a Software Bisque Paramount MYT mount which can be coupled with a Canon Ra camera and Sigma lenses. Alternatively, the mount can host a Televue Pronto 70 mm aperature, 480 mm focal length, f/6.8telescope as well as a Celestron 11″ Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph RASA Telescope, Version 2. CCD cameras include a ZWO 178 Mini Monochrome, ZWO 1600 Pro Monochrome and ZWO 2400 MC Pro Color camera.

Allsky view with north at top and west on right.
Southwest view looking over the South Dakota Black Hills
Southeast view looking over south Rapid City, South Dakota
North view from west Rapid City, South Dakota
Allsky night image

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