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Geminid Meteor Shower Highlights, 2021

The Geminid Meteor Shower peaked on December 13th and both our Global Meteor Network cameras were able to record data. Below are the video segments created by each of the cameras for the two nights surrounding the peak. In the second video captured from Chamberlain, South Dakota. The radiant in Gemini translates across the field of view during some of the peak activity.


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Global Meteor Network Observations

Earlier this year, I joined the Global Meteor Network (GMN) in making scientific meteor observations using low light camera systems. I purchased two GMN camera systems and now manage these cameras which are located in Rapid City and Chamberlain, South Dakota. The cameras have overlapping fields of view which allows for orbit calculations for simultaneous captures of the same meteor. A dedicated website provides the latest overnight observations from all the cameras located around the world.

Last week, the Perseid meteor shower peaked, and South Dakota experienced clear skies for most of the nights in which Perseid meteor activity was clear visible. Based on radar and camera observations, there was an unexpected outburst from the Perseids between 0700-0900 UTC on August 14th. This was after the traditionally observed peak. Skies were clear in western South Dakota and the GMN cameras, along with my low light surveillance cameras at my observatory in Rapid City recorded this outburst.

I have posted highlights from the outburst on YouTube as well as the timelapse recordings from the GMN cameras.

Highlights of the Perseid meteor shower outburst as seen from Rapid City, South Dakota looking south through southwest between 0700-1000 UTC, 14 August 2021.
Timelapse from Global Meteor Nework camera US001U located in Rapid City, South Dakota looking southeast.
Radiant traces for recorded meteors on the night of 14 August 2021 UTC / US001U / Rapid City, South Dakota
Timelapse from Global Meteor Nework camera US001V located in Chamberlain, South Dakota looking southwest.
Radiant traces for recorded meteors on the night of 14 August 2021 UTC / US001V / Chamberlain, South Dakota

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